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Honbu (本部 in Japanese) means headquarters. Most people are familiar with the term Dojo (道場), which actually is translated to ‘place of the way’. The Dojo is the location students are trained in the martial arts. Honbu dojo is the main headquarters where the grand master, or Sosai Kyoshi teaches his students.

Kyokushinkai Kan – Honbu

IKU Honbulocated in the United States of America in Canton CT

369 West Main Street, Unit A& B, Avon, CT 06001 – Serving Avon/Canton Area

kaicho-kick Kaicho Farzinzad

Founder and chairman of IKU, legendary Kyokushinkai Master R. David Farzinzad

Call: 1-860-990-8510

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Kyokushin Honbu – Avon CT

Kyokushin Honbu - Avon & Canton CT


True Meaning of Kyokushin


The Kyokushin Way is centered in posture…

“Kyokushin” means “Ultimate Truth” and Kyokushin Karate is the pursuit of ultimate truth of mind, technique, and body.

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IKU of Canton CT is a Karate school specializing in Kyokushin Karate. We serve Canton and the surrounding towns of Avon, Burlington, Farmington and Simsbury.


Pinan Sono Yon - Kyokushin Kata