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Testimonials from Students of Kaicho and Shihan

Kaicho is one of the most caring men I have ever met. He has never let go of his dreams of caring for and helping others. He’s always talking about our place in the world and giving back for all the things we enjoy from others every day. Each time I stop by to see him outside of class he has never failed to offer me a smile and a cup of tea. He is a good teacher and friend, and his strength and courtesy keeps me coming to Karate every week. Kindness and goodness are rare, and Kaicho is the real thing.

Robert Sand

I received ACL knee graft 15 months ago and have been at the dojo not quite 6 mos. I wanted to strengthen & gain neuromuscular connection back into the entire leg/joint as well as improve my balance. With no prior martial arts training I was unsure of how much I could gain from the class especially since I am 46 & the body doesn’t recover as quick. What I have gained from Kaicho, Shihan Eddie and Sempai Hurst is unspeakable. The strength from learning how to bring up & bring down intensity in seconds has helped me to have complete recovery from P.T.S.D. Also, the putting priority on one’s character and constant reminder from Kaicho to strive to be better and not give up…priceless. I would encourage all veterans that suffer from P.T.S.D. to enroll no matter what age/fitness level you are.

Tanya Bouffard L.M.T., Personal Trainer, Indoor Cycling Instructor & Qigong Instructor

I was encouraged to attend a class of Kyokushinkai Karate by a friend who had begun his relationship 6 months prior. I was merely looking for a workout to get myself into a little better shape. Imagine my surprise when just six months later I had loss 5 ½ inches and gained new friendships and encouragement. Under the leadership of Kaicho Farzinzad, IKU is not just about karate, he helps to build a wonderful foundation of endurance, stamina and a “yes I can!” attitude. I was pleasantly surprised to also find a spiritual awareness as well. For those that may be looking for a challenge or change in your life, I encourage you to give IKU a try. You won’t regret it.

M.A.Kutyla, Age 62
Simsbury, CT


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