Sensei Manouchehr Sadati

IKU Branch Chief Ontario, Canada

Sensei Manouchehr Sadati was born in Karaj- Iran on March12-1971. He started Kyokushin Karate with Shihan Mahyar Lotfi (RIP) in 1986 at first Kyokushin dojo in town of Karaj-Iran. His instructor Sensei Manouchehr Sadatitaught him this martial art with all the spirit and philosophy in his heart.

In 1990, he found Kaicho Farzinzad and started training under his supervision in Tehran Central dojo. Due to his hard work and effort to the Kyokushin Karate, he earned his 3rd Dan Black Belt on 1994. Sensei Manouchehr moved to Canada and continued his training in Canada but never applied for his 4th Dan because of his royalty and respect to Kaicho Farzinzad.

In September 2012, he decided to take his training to the next level and he was promoted to the 4th Dan by his old-days instructor and mentor, Kaicho Farzinzad. Due to his unwavering dedication to Kyokushin, Kaicho Farzinzad assigned Sensei Manouchehr as the IKU Branch Chief for Province of Ontario- Canada. His dojo is in Toronto.

Sensei Manouchehr Sadati getting 4th dan from Kaicho

True Meaning of Kyokushin


The Kyokushin Way is centered in posture…

“Kyokushin” means “Ultimate Truth” and Kyokushin Karate is the pursuit of ultimate truth of mind, technique, and body.

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