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Shihan Alfred Linda – IKU Branch Chief South Africa

Shihan Alfred Linda is the current IKU Branch Chief for all of South Africa. Shihan Alfred S. B.Linda was born on the 15th November 1964 at a place called kwa-Mdumela Utrecht Natal and he is the 5th born in the family of 12. He started practicing Karate under the then Senpai Dlamini and Mbuso Mlambo in 1979 at no formal dojo.

In 1982 he joined the Red Hill Oyama Karate Dojo under Sensei B. A. Manqele, now his religious advisor. In 1984 due to financial difficulites he left the Red Hill dojo to join members who were Shihan Alfred Lindapractising at Ziphembeleni High school under the then senpai Mbonisi Mbhele. In 1985 he started training members at the ImbaliyamaZulu Combined Primary school hall. The Dojo has affiliated to the then sensei M. A. Sabela. He trained members in this Dojo untill 1991 when he left to Phalaborwa where he attended a grading under Shihan D. Wolmarans and obtained his first dan and two years later his secod dan.

In 1994 Shihan Linda returned to Durban only to find the dojo split. He then re-established the dojo with the help of his senior students Senpai Moses Ngcobo, Mandla Nala and Mafika Sithole.The dojo was then named ALSIMO Oyama Karate Dojo. The name of the dojo was formed out of letters from the four members. In 1997 another dojo was openned in the Military Base in Durban and another in Inanda Newtown C. This was the beginning of many other dojos in his name in the same year.

In the year 2001 he hosted his first tournament at Inanda Bester community hall in which all participants were awarded with medals. In this tournament he instroduced a kata division aiming atSouth Africa IKU promoting basics. This resulted in many senior kyokushin practitioners questioning the need for katas in a tournament. Two years later those who were opposing the kata ompetions realised its importance and started to also include it in their competitions.

In the year 2003 after some time with Shihan Sabela he was faced with some challenges which resulted in his senior students asking him to become independent. That brought about the birth of the Defence Oyama Karate and Affiliates(DOKA). In May 2005 DOKA was accepted as an affiliate of the IKO Tezuka group and in September 2005 Defence Oyama Karate and Affiliates(DOKA) changed its name to Oyama Karate of South Africa (OKSA).

Oyama Karate of South Africa has hosted 8 national tournament since its birth.

Shihan Linda is currently holding a rokudan in kyokushin karate and is the I KU Branch Chief for South Africa.

You can visit Shihan Linda at his website. http://www.oksa.9f.com/

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