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Instructor Yurchenko Andrey Yurevich

Yurchenko Andrey Yurevich was born in 1978 in a family of the military man in GDR Dresden.
From an early age he started to go in for sports, and at the age of 7 years he studied Greco-Roman wrestling where in the first year of training he became the winner on open superiority of club. After that it has passed studied boxing and again won. He reached superiority in the city of Nalchik the republic KBR. But at the urging of his parents, due to brain concussions he stopped boxing and passes in section of fighting sambo-wrestling where repeatedly becomes the winner.

At the age of 11 years he starts to be engaged Wushu style of Vin-Chun and Tajdzitsuan then he sees on the TV about Kyokusin Karate and falls in love with this rigid direction of military art and within a year trains to arrive in school Kyokushinkai.

From 180 persons trying to get to school Kyokushinkai has passed examination and 75 persons have got to school only. With success acts on various superiority where occupies prize-winning places. In 15 years he moves in Togliyatti and starts to be engaged in the Kickboxing and on the first club tournament having registered in tournament, in the end becomes in a duel with the fighter already champion of a city and from the first blow lou-kik wins its knockout.

Jurchenko A.J. doesn’t cease to be engaged in Kyokushin visiting the native city. But in Togliyatti its Kyokushinkai isn’t present also it he decides it to develop leaves on the Management of the organization and having met with of approval opens the first hall in a city. Same year it becomes the champion of a city of Tolyatti on boxing in a category of 76 kg. After certification on a black belt 1998 it left structure of European organization Kyokushinkai karate IFK and till 2000 it consisted in the small organization a knock-down of karate Go-kudo though continued to practice and develop simultaneously Kyokushinkai of a karate in the region.

He doesn’t cease to visit seminars and at other masters on the Karate and the Aikido such as Ilya Jorg Prezident of a direction of the Traditional karate-to of Fudokan and At Sensei Takajanagi Kijotaka 7 is given the Aikido-ajkikaj which practised style of Kashima of Tyres-rju. At the age of twenty years on preparation to the next championship it breaks the left knee and can’t be engaged in military arts any more as the fighter, having passed to trainer’s activity. He decides to enter Japanese organization Kyokushinkai karate so that there was an exit on Japanese masters because considered that without ancestors of a karate the success in studying isn’t possible. It was organization Kyokushinkai of karate 2 in which the president there was Jukio Nishida, the black belt of the seventh is given Kyokushinkai and 8 Ajkidzjutsu is given, and subsequently under its management the international organization of military art Kyokushin of a karate of Seibukai has been created.

To Russia this organization represents, Victor Aparin. Jurchenko A.J. has started to develop Kyokushin karate with new eagerness and has created large enough organization in the region and even prepared for the championship of Japan 2005. But again injures to a knee causes him to not participate.

Pupils of Jurchenko participated in different tournaments Kyokushinkai karate and as on Hand-to-hand fight, Kick boxing and other kinds of a karate and became champions or prize-winners on all tournaments, bringing glory Tolyatti Kyokushin karate.

On one of seminars Jukio Nishida after viewing of duels of Jurchenko A.J. At an informal meeting at restaurant gives it a fighting name (Takedzo Miyamoto) also called also the great fencer on swords of 15 centuries while it hasn’t received a name (Miyamoto Musasi). Later Aparinym, has been told what to expose the pupils on the championships which are not concerning to Kyokushin of a karate of Seibukai, doesn’t follow. And though Jurchenko A.J. was happy and very glad to that receives knowledge of a karate first-hand at the great Japanese master. Which was the close pupil of Ojamy Masutatsu, founder Kyokushinkaikarate. But some spiritual pressure which he tested from dialogue with Aparinym, and disagreements concerning performances of its pupils had an effect and not in favor of Aparina and organization Seibukai. At the moment of rupture and a secession from the organization Kyokushin of a karate of Seibukai Yurchenko had good relations with the head of Samara Regional federation KyokushinkaikarateIKO1 Kascheyev Michael. Which at that point in time had identical political views on Kyokushinkaikarate and its development in region. Also invited to enter organization IKO. After official negotiations the decision was accepted, to enter in Kyokushinkaikarate and to unite the efforts in development Kyokushinkaikarate in region in 2011 Jurchenko A.J. disaccords on Kyokushin of a karate and with Kasheevym and leaves the organization. At present Jurchenko Andrey Jurevich heads the Togliatti union of martial arts is Official representative Kyokushinkai of karate IKU, In Russia.

Since 2005 on its board pupils the bronze prize-winner of Russia on Kyokushin of a karate of Seibukai, and bronze prize-winners on Kiokusinkaj prize-winners in the All-Russia tournaments on Kiokusinkaj from them two silver and one gold. 23 prize-winners of area on Kiokusinkaj, 16 prize-winners of Area on Muaj Thaw from them 8 gold 4 silver and bronze medallists. 4 prize-winners of area on Shin Kyokushin of a karate from them two gold and two silver.

True Meaning of Kyokushin


The Kyokushin Way is centered in posture…

“Kyokushin” means “Ultimate Truth” and Kyokushin Karate is the pursuit of ultimate truth of mind, technique, and body.

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