Sensei Lenore Norris

IKU NY State Branch Chief and Instructor Kyokushin

Sensei Lenore Norris began her formal martial arts journey in early 1997 with the Kokorokan Karate Organization that was founded by then Shihan Frank Rossetti. (Shihan Rosetti had been an student and instructor with Kyokushin from late 1960 to 1976).

Sensei Lenore Norris - IKU NY State Branch ChiefUpon arriving to the upstate New York town of Saratoga Springs from Cincinnati Ohio, Sensei Norris, who was a semi pro-bodybuilder at the time, ventured into a local fitness center when she came upon a martial arts class in progress. Having trained briefly and informally with a gold medal kickboxing instructor in Ohio, her attention was drawn to the strict formality, discipline and the elements of that style. Enrolling her two young daughters, as well as her self into karate, Sensei embarked onto a new path to purse.

In 1998 her head instructor at the time parted from the Kokorokan organization and Shihan Rossetti to form his own traditional Japanese karate school. Being the only school in her local area with this strong format, Sensei followed her instructor into his newly formed karate school.

The new organization offered solid training and strong kumite of the Kyokushin "Way". In 2001, Sensei Norris achieved her Shodan rank and assumed the responsibilities as the school office manager as well as an instructor. Being a national certified sports conditioning trainer, Sensei Norris applied her knowledge and sports training into the classes she taught by emphasizing the dynamics or movement.

Sensei gained an notable association with Sifu Steve Pearlman who introduced her to many accredited martial art masters of various styles. She continues to participate in martial art festivals, seminars and has competed in numerous martial arts tournaments. Sensei included a two year study with a golden glove boxer and private study with a New Zealand Muay Thai kickboxing champion. She achieved her Nidan rank in 2004 and Sandan rank in 2008.

It became apparent over time the school was falling away from the true dynamics it once possessed. Application and techniques gave way to verbal syllabus. Disappointed at the format changes Sensei Norris began a search of her original Kyokushin study. In early 2009, having a respectable strong relationship with then senior students of that school, Shihan Bruchac (then Sensei) and Sensei Nino Minnisale, Sensei Norris began to train with them privately.

Late 2010, in search of their Kyokushin roots, Shihan Bruchac contacted Kaicho David Farzinzad founder of the IKU. After many phone conversations they were respectfully invited to the IKU Honbo in Canton, Connecticut and was warmly welcomed by Kaicho, his family and students.

Early in the spring 2011, after training and meeting set requirements Sensei Lenore Norris of Saratoga Springs achieved her Sensei rank (4th dan) and was honorably appointed New York State IKU Branch Chief from Kaicho David Farzinzad.

She is the current manager and one of the senior instructors of the newly formed North East IKU Dojo, LLC located in Greenfield Center, New York under the direction of head instructor Shihan James Bruchac.

Her passion for martial arts is displayed in her teaching, knowledge and "Way".
Sensei Norris has over 15 years experience in martial arts and over 28 professional years in the Sports and Fitness industry. She conducts practical self defense seminars in her community for women of all ages. Her clientele base consist of professional athletes, national title holding bodybuilders, business professionals, TV/movie personalities and student athletes. She has been a national and world ranked athletic competitor and is a current competitive rower on the Saratoga Rowing Association masters racing team. Prior to her sports career Sensei was a technical designer for the US aviation industry and for select fortune 500 corporations.

You can contact her at: or IKU NYS USA Facebook page

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