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Sensei Luz Jimenez – Puerto Rico IKU Branch Chief

Sensei Luz Jimenez was born in Puerto Rico on April 19, 1956. She studied in the University of PuertoSensei Luz Jemenez
Rico at the Rio Piedras Campus. Sensei Luz graduated with an MS degree in Analytical Chemistry and completed all the doctoral courses as well. She started to work for Merck in Barceloneta where she worked during 15 years up to get the retirement. While she was working, she started martial arts with Master Miguel Oreza (WTD) in Isla Verde.

Sensei Luz moved to a city near her job and began to practice the martial art style Kyokushin along with her son Johann Manuel. In 2005 following very hard training, she passed the Shodan test, becoming the first woman in Puerto Rico with this rank in Shinkyokushin.

Recently, she received her 3rd Dan in Kyokushin by Kaicho Farzinzad, founder of International Kyokushinkai Union (IKU). At that time, she was also honored with becoming the Puerto Rican IKU Branch Chief.

Sensei Jemenez with Kaicho Farzinzad

Sensei Luz is the first Puerto Rican woman on the island with 3rd Dan as well as the first woman in Puerto Rico to become an IKU Branch Chief in Kyokushin.

At this time, besides teaching Kyokushin, Sensei Luz Jemenez is also a part-time professor at the University of Puerto Rico Arecibo Campus. 


Sensei Luz Jemenez KickSensei Luz at IKU headquarters

Sensei Luz with Kaicho and Shihan Jim

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“Kyokushin” means “Ultimate Truth” and Kyokushin Karate is the pursuit of ultimate truth of mind, technique, and body.

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