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Joe Patrina –

Honorary Board of Directors

Joe Patrina – Biography

The former founder and CEO of Wall Street Systems is now a singer/songwriter who bases his operation out of West Simsbury, Connecticut, where he leads the popular country/rock group LittleHouse.

In the mid-1970’s Joe earned his associates degree in business from Hartford Community College. From there he entered Hartford’s renowned Trinity College, subsequently earning his bachelor degrees in International Economics with the thesis “Possible Outcomes Of A Unified European Currency”, and Philosophy, thesis: “History of Human Thought”.

After Trinity, Joe went to CPI, a trade school to learn computer programming. In 1979 Joe moved to Manhattan to forge his career in finance and technology and eventually developed a software platform called The Wall Street System.

In 1988 Joe’s first wife died after an 11-year fight with cancer. Joe and a partner went on to found Wall Street Systems, which grew to handling 50% of the world’s currency exchange.

Joe re-married in 1990 and has four children. In 2006 the company was sold and Joe moved back to Connecticut to pursue songwriting, performance and philanthropy shows with LittleHouse on a full time basis. 

Joe’s wife Laura is a brown belt in Kyokushin, and Joe is honored to be a board member of IKU.

True Meaning of Kyokushin


The Kyokushin Way is centered in posture…

“Kyokushin” means “Ultimate Truth” and Kyokushin Karate is the pursuit of ultimate truth of mind, technique, and body.

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