The True Meaning of Kyokushin Karate

iku-karte-dojoThe Kyokushinkai spirit is to keep ones head low (modesty), eye high (ambitious), reserved in speech (control ones language), kind in heart (strength in character) and serve other people with fidal piety (serving others well). This is the spirit of Mas Oyama and these are the principles of the IKU.

Based on Courtesy, Humility and Respect framed by serious and intense advanced Kyokoshin techniques and discipline. We use the traditional Kyokushin Terminology. Children and women as well as seniors are given special consideration for their education, based on their needs.

IKU members must be very respectful to parents, wives, newborn children and neighbors. Respect must be maintained at all times. Their friends are shown respect as well as their enemies by patience and humility.

Sensei Bob 4th Dan KyokushinSensei Bob Kyokushin Certificate


Pinan Sono Yon - Kyokushin Kata